Succeed in Real Estate with
100% commission!

in Real Estate with
100% commission!

At Broker’s LLC we provide all the tools and resources to make you stand out in the competitive Real Estate market

Why should you join Broker’s LLC?

Besides being the best in the industry, we have great benefits:

Paid in 72 hours

Get paid via ACH within 72 hours after the closing date

Lead generation

Simplify your Real Estate management: total automation and centralization at a single place.

Culture and community

Work independently with team support: join us for success

Referral program

Increase your profits by encouraging agents to join Broker’s LLC!


Real estate education and knowledge for sustained, competitive growth


Boost your brand with our complete set of marketing tools

Pre-construction tours

Join us for pre-construction tours, discover opportunities, build valuable connections, and showcase your expertise!

Conference rooms

Reserve a fully equipped conference room in any city of the world with just a few clicks at no cost.

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We are a driving force for success!

Pioneers of the 100% commission programs, with over 19 years in the Real Estate Industry, we rank amongst the biggest brokerages in south Florida. BROKER’S LLC is one of the fastest-growing Real Estate Companies in South Florida and due to a healthy working environment, our Company has been certified as a Great Place to Work.

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Agent-centric programs

Residential Sales
100% Commission

No Enrollment Fee
Membership Starting at $169/month

90% Commercial & 90% Rentals

90% Commercial & 90% Rentals

Essential Benefits:
Essential Benefits:
Receive Your Start Up ID:
Get Your Professional Website:
Drive more business with your Lead Generation & CRM:

Residential Sales
$500 Fee per transaction

Enrollment Fee $150
Membership $59/month

80% Commercial & 80% Rentals

80% Commercial & 80% Rentals

Essential Benefits:
Essential Benefits
Receive Your Start Up ID:
Receive Your Start Up ID:
Get Your Professional Website:
Get Your Professional Website:
Drive more business with your Lead Generation & CRM:

BROKER’S Cap Residential Sales 80% Commission

$6,888 Cap to unlock 100% Commission Enrollment Fee $150

No Membership

Essential Benefits:
Essential Benefits:

Broker’s LLC covers all areas across the state

We are members of the following Associations:
From the vibrant cities like Miami or serene beach towns or to the bustling streets of Orlando and everywhere in between, we’ve got you covered. Join forces with us and expand your reach across Florida’s diverse real estate market. Together, we can help clients find their dream homes in every corner of this beautiful state.

Your accomplishments, our commitment!

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Pioneers of 100% commission

More benefits

We encourage your progress and development for your career evolution.


-Broker’s LLC App
-Broker’s LLC Transaction Platform
-Marketing Suite
-Leads Generator Platform
-Online chat and community support
– Live Training, Class Calendar, Digital books, Recorded Webinars


– Identity Package
– Modern IDX Website with Lead Form
– IDX Website Mobile Responsive
– Corporate Email
– Business Cards Design
– Email Signature
– 6 Digital Flyers
– Flyer Templates Online
– Marketing Materials
– Online Store

Our State-Of-The-Art Offices

Located in specific areas for our agents’ convenience


Our Aventura Offices host BROKER’S LLC. Head Quarters. Easy access from North and South, with convenient covered FREE parking for all our Agents and Clients.


With so many business opportunities in this area, our BROKER’S LLC Office is a very convenient resource for our Agents to take advantage of this highly active market.
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We want to answer all your questions

How many agents does Broker’s LLC have?

At our real estate brokerage, we take pride in our exceptional team of 500 agents—and we're not stopping there. We are committed to continuous growth and expanding our network of talented professionals.

How long has Broker’s LLC been in business?

As a real estate brokerage with nearly two decades of experience, we are proud to celebrate our 20th year in the industry. Over the years, we have honed our expertise, built strong relationships, and helped countless clients achieve their real estate goals. With our extensive knowledge and unwavering commitment to excellence, we continue to provide top-notch service and guidance to our associates. Trust in our experience and let us assist you in your real estate journey.

How long does it take to get paid?

We guarantee to pay you within 24 hours after the closing of your property. With our convenient ACH payment system, you can rest assured that you'll receive your funds quickly and securely. We understand the importance of a timely payment, and we're committed to making your real estate transaction as smooth and efficient as possible. Experience the ease and peace of mind that comes with our fast and reliable payment process by choosing our brokerage for your real estate needs.

Does Broker’s LLC provide transaction management platform?

Yes! We are committed to empowering our agents with the best tools and resources to excel in their transactions. Our real estate transaction management platform is designed to streamline the entire process, making it easier for agents to manage their listings, contracts, and client communications all in one place. With our platform, agents can save time, stay organized, and deliver exceptional service to their clients, saving time and reducing stress. If you're an agent looking for a reliable and user-friendly transaction management solution, look no further. Join our brokerage and gain access to our cutting-edge platform today.

How often Broker’s LLC provides training to agents?

We take pride in offering comprehensive training sessions almost every day to empower our agents with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the industry. From mastering contract negotiations and sales techniques to understanding the intricacies of rentals and leveraging the latest technology and marketing strategies, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to equipping our team with the tools for success. Our commitment to continuous learning sets us apart, ensuring that our agents stay ahead of the game and deliver exceptional service to our clients. Join our brokerage and experience the difference as you unlock your true potential in the real estate world.

Does Broker’s LLC provide IDX Website and Marketing support to the agents?

As a leading real estate brokerage, we go above and beyond to provide our agents with the tools and support they need to succeed. Yes! We provide IDX website, agents have access to a powerful platform that showcases active listings and helps attract potential buyers. But that's not all – we also offer comprehensive marketing support, including professionally designed materials, engaging content for social media, a powerful lead generator for targeted ad campaigns with advanced CRM system that helps track and nurture leads effectively. When you choose our brokerage, you're choosing a partner committed to your success, providing you with the resources and support to excel in the competitive real estate market.

Has Broker’s LLC a referral program or incentives for agents recruiting colleagues?

Yes, we have! If you know talented real estate agents who are seeking new opportunities, we encourage you to refer them to our brokerage. Not only will they benefit from our supportive and collaborative environment, but you'll also reap the rewards of our referral program. Help us build an exceptional team and earn fantastic incentives by referring your colleagues to our real estate brokerage today.

More testimonials

Each story is a proof of success

I have been with Broker’s LLC for a year + and I have achieved so much in a short time and reached heights I was hoping for, but would only happen if I was to join the right real estate company. Broker’s LLC offers a wide variety of tools, training, platforms and programs for a realtors success! Excellent team from broker to office staff. I recommend 100%

Kimberly Kempson
I am part of Broker’s LLC team, I love it because we have 24/7 support to any kind of inquiry by the client, by the seller, or by the buyer. In addition to ongoing education.
Martha Gerez
I have been working for Broker’s LLC for more than 5 years. I recommend this company because it is the best Broker’s company that I have been a part of in all my years of career.
Paula Rubin
Excellent company, blessed by God and very happy to be able to help, serve my clients and community safely, with support at all times.
Paola Vizcarra

I have been with Broker’s LLC for several years, I recommend the company 100%, I feel very happy and we are a great family.

Graciela Trotti
Broker’s LLC is the best, 24/7 advice and 4 offices where you can meet clients like kings.
Marianela Bracho
Excellent company to work for. The constant training and support is just AMAZING!! Positive work environment were people feel valued and appreciated. Love to be part of of Brokers!
Eleddy Miller

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